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Transform Your Florida Bathroom with a One-Day Bath

Unique Bath Design offers Floridians a swift, affordable, and high-quality one-day bathroom transformation, merging luxury with convenience and tailored to the state's unique climate and aesthetic.

Transform Your Bathroom with Unique Bath Design’s One-Day Bath in Florida

Imagine waking up to a worn-out bathroom in the morning, and by bedtime, stepping into a completely rejuvenated space. Sounds too good to be true? With Unique Bath Design, it’s a reality! Serving the Sunshine State for over a decade, we are Florida’s premier choice for high-quality, swift, and convenient bathroom remodeling. Dive into the magical world of our one-day bath solutions and understand why Floridians choose us for a spectacular bathroom transformation.

Why One-Day Bath by Unique Bath Design?

Stepping into your bathroom should be a delightful experience, a momentary retreat from the bustling world outside. We understand how an outdated or dysfunctional bathroom can be a dampener. That’s why we offer the innovative one-day bath solution.

Quick Transformation

Time is of the essence. You no longer have to endure weeks of disruption, noise, and inconvenience. With our seasoned professionals, watch in awe as your bathroom undergoes a metamorphosis in just a single day!

Quality Craftsmanship

Don’t let the swiftness fool you. Each one-day bath transformation upholds the highest quality standards. We use top-grade materials tailored to endure the Floridian climate, ensuring longevity and premium aesthetics.


Our unique process not only saves time but also your hard-earned money. Experience luxury transformations without the hefty price tag.

Personalized Designs

Every home in Florida has its unique charm. We offer a vast selection of designs and finishes that complement your home’s aesthetics while infusing a touch of your personality.

The Magic Behind Our One-Day Bath Process

Bathroom remodeling often conjures images of prolonged inconvenience, endless mess, and escalating costs. We’ve flipped this narrative with our revolutionary one-day bath process.

Initial Consultation

Our journey begins with understanding your vision. We offer an initial in-home or virtual consultation, where our experts assess your space and listen to your aspirations. This step is crucial in tailoring a design that resonates with your desires.

Design & Selection

Using state-of-the-art tools, we present a virtual mock-up of the transformation. Here, you can choose from a plethora of design options and finishes, ensuring the end product is nothing short of perfection.

One-Day Implementation

The day of magic! Our adept team, armed with meticulous planning and advanced equipment, dives into action. By sunset, behold the grand reveal of your newly transformed bathroom.

Post-Transformation Care

Our commitment doesn’t end with the transformation. We provide guidance on maintaining the pristine look of your bathroom and are always a call away for any post-installation support.

Benefits of Opting for a One-Day Bath in Florida

For homeowners in Florida, the one-day bath solution is not just about speed. It’s about blending functionality with quintessential Floridian charm.

Adaptable to Florida’s Climate

We source materials adept at withstanding Florida’s humidity and heat, ensuring durability and minimal maintenance.

Boosts Home Value

In the fast-paced Florida real estate market, a modern, elegant bathroom can significantly increase your property’s market value.

Enhanced Accessibility

As demographics change, so do needs. Our designs ensure that bathrooms are accessible to everyone, including seniors and those with mobility challenges.

Environmentally Responsible

In a state blessed with nature’s bounty, we recognize our role in sustainability. Our methods and materials reflect eco-friendliness and responsible remodeling.

Why Floridians Trust Unique Bath Design

Experience & Expertise:

With years of dedicated service, we’ve honed our craft to deliver unparalleled bathroom transformations.

Transparent Pricing:

No hidden costs, no surprises. We believe in transparent dealings, providing value for every dollar you invest.

Customer-Centric Approach:

At the heart of every transformation is YOU. Your satisfaction drives our passion.

Warranty & Assurance:

Our confidence in our service is echoed in our robust warranty and post-transformation support.

Contact Unique Bath Design’s for a One-day Bath

When it’s time for a change, don’t settle for lengthy, cumbersome remodeling. Opt for Unique Bath Design’s one-day bath solution and experience a blend of luxury, convenience, and unmatched craftsmanship.

Let us redefine your Floridian bathroom experience.

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